seals machined plastics imageSeal Science is focused on most types of non-metallic engineered seals. SSI’s design approach incorporates many years of design engineering and materials science experience. SSI has significant historical experience evaluating and developing engineered solutions for most types of sealing applications.

Seal Science’s knowledge of elastomeric (rubber), polymeric (PTFE’s), and thermoset plastics, provides a vast breadth of material alternatives used to develop a sealing solution for the most challenging application issue.

Seal Science’s engineering capabilities span from simple O-rings to complex sealing systems.

SSI provides solutions for many types of critical sealing systems, including:

Extreme Environments Systems
  • Temperature
  • Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical (“NBC”)
  • Space & High Altitude Applications
  • High Pressure & Vacuum Environments
  • Ultra Pure
  • Low Observable
  • Radar & Electronic
  • Hydraulic
  • Fuel