Fabric Reinforced Seals

Custom aircraft seals with fabric reinforcements

Seal Science is a dedicated engineering and manufacturing resource for a wide range of fabric and rubber aircraft seals. We design these custom seals specifically for your requirements. Elastomers like high temperature silicone, fluorosilicone, nitrile and fluorocarbon can be reinforced with polyester, wire mesh, fiberglass, nylon, Nomex®, Kevlar® and more.

Fabric Seals

Custom Gaskets and Seals

Custom Seals, Custom Gaskets, and Custom Rubber Product Design

We have a team of design engineers are dedicated to creating custom gaskets and custom seals specifically for your application. Our custom rubber products are used in many different industries; Aerospace, Military, Defense, Industrial, Automotive Semiconductor and more. Contact us if you have a product that needs a custom gasket or custom seal.

Custom Gaskets & Seals 


Custom rubber gaskets - molded and die cut

We have been manufacturing and designing custom gaskets for over 30 years. With experience in die cutting, rubber molding, and water jet cut gaskets we can meet any requirements that you have. We specialize in precision rubber products and are able to hold our custom gaskets to extremely high tolerances. Standard or custom compounded materials available.


Bonded Seals

Bonded seals - rubber to metal bonding

A rubber to metal bonded seal can be a simple mold-in-place gasket or a complex multi material custom seal. We use precise co-molding processes to vulcanize a rubber seal directly into a non-elastomeric carrier or insert. This rubber to metal bonding process creates a chemical bond that is far superior to that of adhering an already cured rubber product to a substrate.

 Bonded Seals

Conductive EMI Gasket

EMI gaskets and RFI gaskets

Our conductive EMI gaskets and seals are engineered to provide both environmental and EMI, ESD and RFI shielding for critical applications. We have a large variety of EMI gasket materials to ensure the best rubber product for your mission environment. Silicone, fluorocarbon and neoprene filled with carbon, nickel coated graphite, silver coated aluminum and more.

 EMI Gaskets 

Rubber Molded Products

Custom molded products and custom rubber molding

Seal Science incorporates many types of manufacturing processes to fabricate our custom molded products. Compression, transfer, injection, and hand lay-up molding techniques allow us create the most economical custom rubber molded part to meet your requirements. Silicone, Fluorosilicone, Isoprene, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, Fluorocarbon and more.

 Molded Rubber