Fabric & Rubber Aircraft Seals – Fabric Reinforced Silicone & Other Elastomers

Fabric & Rubber Aircraft Seals

Examples of Omega Bulb Aircraft Seals

Seal Science is a complete engineering and manufacturing resource for the development and supply of a wide range of fabric and rubber seals for aerodynamic aircraft seals. These seals are used on airframes, wings, rudders, doors, windows, and access panels in military, commercial, business, light planes and other airborne crafts such as missiles, ordnance, drones, decoys and satellites. Our fabric and rubber seals maintain aerodynamic, electronic wave, vibration and moisture sealing requirements.

We are qualified to many Aerospace Prime specifications and were recently awarded Lockheed Martin’s Supplier of the Year in 2015.

Materials and Fabric and Composite Reinforcements:

SSI offers a complete design capability for seals and gaskets made from:

  • Silicone and Silicone/Fabric compositions
  • Organic elastomers and fabric reinforced compositions
  • Radar-Absorbing Materials (RAM)
  • Conductive elastomers and reinforced conductive fabric
  • Elastomer/Plastic/Metallic bonding

Many types of reinforcements are available to combine with base materials to add to the durability, friction resistance, endurance, and electronic properties of the base.

  • PolyesterSilicone & Silicone/Fabric Reinforced Aircraft Seals
  • Fiberglass
  • Kevlar®
  • Nomex®
  • Nextel
  • Wire Mesh
  • PBI

Typical Aircraft Applications

  • DoorsSpecially Designed Aircraft Seal Profiles
  • Windows
  • Hatches
  • Wing Panels
  • Aerodynamic Surfaces
  • Gap Seals
  • Fire Barriers
  • Engine Seals

Design Engineering and Development

Seal Science engineers will work closely with you to define the parameters affecting performance, longevity, and compatibility for your application. For collaborative design efforts we use SolidWorks, CATIA, and Abaqus to assist us in model making, rapid prototyping and design. Exotic material formulation and special compositions that include multi-component/odd-shaped configurations result in innovative solutions that solve many problems.

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