seal science engineeringSSI is structured as an engineering support organization, providing application and manufacturing solutions to a diverse industry group. SSI incorporates design engineering, materials science, and mechanical and physical property testing in its total engineering methodology. Seal Science utilizes 3-dimensional solid modeling in its design activities, as well as advanced mechanical application analysis, finite element analysis (FEA); as well as, complex assembly analysis.

Design Engineering
  • Solid model 3-D CAD design
  • Custom seal design and application development for critical sealing applications
  • Component testing and procedure design
  • In-house tooling design
  • Mechanical application analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Failure analysis
Material Science
  • Material engineering, development, and compounding
  • Custom compounding for designed organic elastomers (Rubber) and high performance silicones to meet extreme customer and application requirements
  • Laboratory and testing facilities for physical property; including, temperature, chemical, electrical, and performance characteristics

Finite Element Analysis

Seal Science has in-house capabilities for Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

FEA provides the ability to analyze stress acting on an object. Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computer simulation technique used in engineering analysis. It uses a numerical technique called the finite element method (FEM). Development of the finite element method in structural mechanics is usually based on an energy principle such as the virtual work principle or the minimum total potential energy principle.

At Seal Science we can analyze the simulated stresses acting on a seal and determine the best design for a seal. The seal design is put under a dynamic simulation and our engineers analze the appropriate stress points and can locate potential problem areas and apply these design considerations to a final seal. Please email us if you have any designs that require FEA.


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